PEARL Project


Supported by- IGSSS, New Delhi


To promote dignified and quality life for dalits/tribals in 20 villages of Rajgarh block of Mirzapur District of Uttar Pradesh.


  • Dalits/Tribals have better livelihood opportunities
  • Dalits/Tribals especially women among them are able to attain their rights and influence the decision makers for pro-tribal policies.

Target Group and Beneficiaries:

The program will cater to a population of 7500 (1500 families) residing in 20 villages spread in Rajgarh block of Mirzapur district of southeastern Uttar Pradesh. Through 60 SHGs the program will be able to reach out to approximately 2500 individuals (or 500 families) directly. While selecting the program villages, it will be ensured that at least seventy percent population residing in each of the villages is dalit/tribal.
Situational Analysis:

The proposed program area is spread in 20 villages of Rajgarh block of Mirzapur district of south- eastern Uttar Pradesh.  This district is situated between 24 7’ and 25 25’ N latitude and 84 72′ to 83 33′ E longitude and has a total area of 4522 sq. km, with a total population of 8,79,820 (2001 census). The population density is 468 persons per sq. km. The sex ratio is 897 females per 1,000 males (2001 census). 86 % of the population resides in rural areas.

It is bounded in the east by Varanasi district, and Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh lies on its west. Its northern borders are contiguous with Varanasi, while the southern part of the district adjoins Sonbhadra of Uttar Pradesh and Sidhi and Rewa districts of Madhya Pradesh. Mirzapur can be divided in two physical divisions. In the north is the alluvial plain, skirting the Ganga on either bank. The southern portion is a plateau stretching from the summit of the Vindhya escarpment to the Kaimoor mountain range in the south. The Vindhya plateau includes the whole track between the Vindhya escarpment and Kaimoor range covering an area of 1600 sq. km., this plateau after sinking into a series of inconsiderable hills, terminates at an abrupt precipice overhanging the Valley of Sone River. For administrative purpose, Mirzapur is divided into 04 Tehsils and 12 Development Blocks.

  1. Formation of Apex/Forum of Jan Sanghatan leaders to ensure food security schemes:

In a first year twenty Jan Sanghatan is formed in all twenty village and now they are working for the community and trying to get more benefit of government schemes and supporting to the people to raise their voice. In a second year it is plan to form forum with the collaboration of five jan Sanghatan than it will work an individual body and work for five village with this it will be more strong and it have big support of community thats why the all stakeholder will give respect of their work and about their demands. In a first quarter of Second year one workshop is organized to give introduction of Forum to the Jan Sanghatan Leaders and about the benefit of this type of forum. Now four forums are working in the twenty of Rajgarh block of Mirzapur.

  1. Mass awareness programme such as video show/street play on PDS and other  food security schemes:

In the Rajgrah block of Mirzapur PDS system is much carpeted and the actual beneficiary is not able to get ration and other powerful people of the village and the PDS shop keeper is also doing black marketing that’s why in the programme it is plan to do some awareness programme in the village in the front of PRI member and with other stakeholder. In this programme some awareness videos and information is share with the community and after the video community get knowledge about their rights and then PDS Shopkeeper and PRI member’s promises to give better supply to the needed family. This type programme is organized in three villages.

  1. Sensitizing meetings with PRI members, School teachers  ,ICDS member on MDM and PDS:

MDM is the commune programme in the school to give better education to the poor people but this system is not working as it plan this programme is only give benefit only the Gram pradhan of the village and other mediator of this scheme. Trough the PEARL programme it is plan to give third eye to observe its implementation that’s why one meeting is organized in the village in this meeting PRI members, School teachers, ICDS member on MDM, PDS shopkeeper, SHG leader and Jan Sanghathan leaders are participated to ensure their role in this programme and it is plan that how we can make it example for the other village. In the second year five meeting is organized in different village.

  1. One day Seminar for Strengthening of forum/Apex on Right to work and Govt schemes like MNREGA:

Two Seminars is organized in the year to ensure about the MNREGA that how they can get benefit through this act. 80 leaders participated in this seminar and get information of this act and after this seminar 140 people applied for the job card and all the people get their job card, 226 people applied for the work under this act and all the applicant get work. Now most of the group member’s know about this act and informing to the other people in the village that how they can also get benefit.

  1. Training of SHGs Group leaders on Social security schemes, RTI, and Credit management:

SHG is the base of the project and this can give better chance to the community to think about their future and about their present that how they can use their resources surrounded to them. With the help of this training it is plan to create good leader for leadership and create a group of people how can participate is different programme of the government schemes. In the SHG members are doing saving for their future so that how they can handle their group for a long time. For this purpose two special training is planned in the year with this training minimum 60 group members are targeted for this training at least 60 members will able to handle their groups and mobilizes their groups and member. This training is conducted by the resource persona Mr. Ramesh Kumar Mali, Mr. Sunil Kumar Pandey and by Mrs. Madhuri Singh. Through this training and after this training programme 430 group members have good command on SHG management and they are maintaining their records and their activity.

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