Community Development


Under the Corporate Social Responsibility Sajoi village is selected for integrated community development by DS Group Noida & HWA Varanasi. Sajoi village adopted by DS Group, A famous corporate house of country. The Sajoi village is based from 22 Kms from Varanasi district headquarter towards west, from Varanasi to Bhadohi road, the village is densely populated with the Dalit, OBC (Patel & Rajbhar) and Muslim community including the Musahar community (most marginalized community in the village). One govt. primary school and 6 Anganwadi centre are running in this village and the major occupation of the villagers are Saree weaving, Agricultrue, Animal husbandry and a number of person are working as wage labourers in the surrounding including the Varanasi city in various works.

Activity undertaken

Conducted FGD for area and mapping :-

Project organized FGD activity in various settlements for area mapping. The objective of this activity is to prepare a area and resource map of the project village. This map will help us to complete the intervention and activity in proper way. In the process we discussed the community about FGD and invite them to participate the activity. Through the community support we can get a authentic and participatory base data and map of the project area. We sit together with few youth and discussed, after discussed we provide chart paper and marker to draw a Map. In this we focussed all the present route and which place resources like hand pump, wells, schools, Anganwadi Worker, Panchayat Bhawan, Ponds, Tubewell, Temple, Mosque, Muth, Madarsa, drainage, Chauraha and street roads.


Formation of adolescent group:

Project conducted meeting with group of adolescent girls in project office. We motivate them for organize in a formal group. We discussed with the adolescent girls on the challenges and problems of this age. How they face this challenges. We discussed the role of adolescent in the family and society. After the meeting girls become agree for form the adolescent   group. We form 4 adolescent group in various settlement.

Organized capacity building training on Adolescent issue:-

After formation of the adolescent group, project organized a capacity build training program in 02 batches first on 26-27 and second on 29- 30, July, 2015 at Project office. In this training Sajoi, Varanasi. The main objective of the training was to enhance their knowledge on adolescent age challenges and how to face these challenges. The Main agenda of the training are follow—

Formation of Self Help Group:-

Project conducting community meeting in Rajbhar basti (hamlets) for formation of groups in village. We inform the community regarding meeting, during the meeting we discussed about our project intervention and forth coming intervention in the village. We are trying to good rapport with community through meeting and door to door visit. We discussed with community which place we worked in earlier and what have achieved. Now in the month of August o2 SHG has formed 01 in rajbhar and 01 in harijan settlement. Both SHG start their saving and register maintain in proper system.

Vocational training centre(Tailoring Classes);-

In the month of August 33 girls are learning in tailoring course.Vocational training centre is functioning with good systematic manner, and interested community people came here and take the information of their own need and concern issues. We are also visit door to door regarding information and spread the message to all settlement of the villages. The centre established in centre place of the village and every person can reach the centre is easily. Centre is linked to road and centre is placed in peaceful and safe for student specially children and girls.

Computer classes:

The community is taking interest in the Computer course. The centre is functioning well and 25 student boys and girls are enrolled in course. In the last month there are big problems to regular run the centre is light and low voltage of electricity supply. But now the inverter set for the computer centre have provide and centre is running full of swing. 20 student in Microsoft word and 05 in paint. For the computer courses we make a syllabus (time line) for monitoring and track of the learning stages.

Capacity Building of Aganwari worker:-

Project organized a capacity building training program for Aganwari Worker. The main objectives of the training is to how to ensure the health services and coordination between ASHA health worker. The training program organized on 10th August,2015 at project office. There are 22 participants participated in this orientation cum training program. In the health sector Asha worker role in village is crucial. In the RCH intervention we met the ASHA worker on regular basis and take information regarding health development. During the training we discussed on immunization and safe delivery system and institutional delivery. During the training program every Aganwari worker present their problem on chart paper. Their area lack of infrastructure and learning material. Like dari, chair, table, stationary etc. During the presentation they present how many pregnant, lactating women & 0-5 year old children in registered in their area. We make a list of pregnant, lactating and children for services.

Meeting with Primary school Teacher on Construction point:

Project staff met the school teacher and principal on regular basis on various issue. We discussed about Bal Adhikar Forum and which place is need to construction in primary school intervention. In the plan with principal of the school this is decided that in the month of September after Raksha Bandhan we will form the forum of children.

Construction point-

1.      Door and window of all the room2.      Plastering of all damage Class Furs3.      Toilets4.      Water tank 5.      Kitchen6.      Plate form7.      White wash8.      Boundary Wall

 Meeting with Hand pump operational and maintenance committee:

Project staff facilitated meeting with operational and maintenance committee. The objective of the meeting to give the responsibility of installed hand pump in their settlement. In the rainy season lots of despises spread in society. The society who is not aware in water born diseases effected in malaria, diarrhea, vomiting etc. In this meeting we discussed to take collective responsibility of all hand pump for operation and maintenance. In earlier a minor fault in a hand pump and community take initiative for repair the hand pump. After the repair hand pump running smoothly. In the meeting few people demand installation of rest planned hand pump.

Community Awareness Meeting:-

Project organized Community awareness meeting at various settlements. Project staff met the community and informs and invites to participate in the meeting. We facilitate the meeting and note the basic problem and challenges of the particular settlement. During the meeting we discussed and inform ongoing and future course of intervention. In the meeting large no. of community participated and expressed their basic problem

We organized a meeting on 19th August,2015 in harijan basti, DS program officer were presented in the meeting. community expressed their problem like drainage system, health problem, hand pump and livelihood option. During the meeting we inform the community regarding tailoring & computer classes and identification of tuition and sweeper for sanitation.

Process of Identification of Tuition Teacher:

Need of the community, we are trying to identify a teacher for tuition center through the meeting. We discuss with the community for a meritorious student who teaches to the community as a tuition classes. This meritorious student, we prefer for girl teacher in generally because we observe that the boys students can go anywhere for coaching for study, but a large number of girls could not go outside tuition classes, so we trying to identify for a lady teacher.

Identification of boys for Nukkad Natak:

Identification of youth because nukkad natak is a creative source of awareness and sensitization. For awareness on health issues, we discussed for identification of youth students. The trained students play a nukkad natak in various settlement on health issue and aware and sensitize the community.

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