Case Study – Noshaba

Looking the Dream in the Marginalized community.

Noshaba a young girl 30 year of a academic Muslim family of Varanasi has dedicate their life for the upliftment of marginalized Dalit and we6Muslim Girls and women, when she was 19 year at this particular age, maximum people are looking the dream for their bright future and a charming life, but she has choose their dreams for the upliftment of marginalized girls and women in the rural area of Varanasi. A bachelor of Library Science, She has started community service in 2000 from the very hard place, a densely populated and weavers dominated area Puranapul near the Bari Idgah and started mobilizing the children who was engaged in the silk weaving sector and young girls who never go to the any school or madarsa. In the starting time she faced a lot of problems and nuisance created by the so called communities leaders and Ulemas including the traders in silk weaving sector, she was not familiar with this type of situation because she educated from a modern schooling system but she continued their struggle and in the starting time mobilize nearly 15 parents to send their children for the education. The most important thing is after a regular counseling and dedication, the community himself has provide the space for education centre and 25 children and 17 young girls has started education initiatives with full community contribution. To see the success of community based education initiative, she spread the same model in the other remote rural areas as well as in the slums. After this initiative a number of young girls in the surroundings has demanding for vocational trainings, then Noshaba involve as a counselor in the community. From 2000 to 2014 she has involved in the mainstreaming process of nearly 8500 children from nearly 22 education centers and madarsas and provides vocational training to nearly 1650 young girls for their livelihood promotion and skill up gradation from poorest of the poor community. Now the girls are running their fingers on the computer with the beauty and confidence.

Name :  Noshaba, 30 Year

Address: S.8/110, AN, Azad Colony,

(Behind Petrol Pump)


Ph.No. – 9889251260

e-Mail :

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