Case Study Guduna

Case-client-    Guduna Devi,   36 years old, other backward caste woman, we3

Name of self help group- SAHARA SHG

Resident- village Shankarpur, Chiraigaon block, Varanasi

Family dependant on her- Four children and husband

Guduna, treasurer member of SAHARA Self help group, is the resident of village Shankarpur, Chiraigaon block, Varanasi district. She belongs to backward and weaker economic section of the society. Her family size is large having four children. Her husband is not physically fit due to lungs problem. So his income is not in a strong mode and sufficient to fulfil the requirements of the family. She used to save Rs. 50/- month in her group any how but the price soaring began to hit on her waist and it has became too hard to run the family. Meanwhile she was suggested by her group members to take farming land on Patta (rent) for doing seasonal farming. She has joined Union R.SETTI training program on commercial Floriculture with the facilitation of Human Welfare Association,  and on the basis of Union R.SETTI certificate received a cheque by the hand of Dy.Governor of India in a grand function at Varanasi as a loan of Rs. 25000/- from Union Bank of India, Pagambarpur Branch and began to use seasonal farming of flower and vegetables. Every time she gets a good return of her investment. She purchased a mobile phone with her income for making a prominent place in the market and the communication facility has increased a broad scope of market for her products. Now she is successful marginalized woman farmer sustaining her livelihood resource. Meanwhile, she used to go at Jagriti Education Centre, run by HWA under women literacy program for doing study in her free time. She says, “Education centre for women like me is a boon which is playing a vital role to make us socially, economically and digitally empowered. We have no words to give thanks to Union Bank of India starting a very innovative work for village women. The mobile operation knowledge and its use in our daily lives are too important to say.”

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