e-Panchayat Resource Center at HWA,Varanasi

Progress Report (Up to 31st March, 2013)

Panchayat Resource Center is playing a vital role for the developmental and mobilization of various govt. schemes to the community.  It is a clear impact that a village Pradhan of Shivdasa village Mr. Harishankar Ram has participated several time events organize by the organization under e-Panchayat, e-NGO supported by DEF, New Delhi, has shown their work through the website and selected for Samagra Lohia Gram Yojana by the State Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and under this scheme, the village is getting nearly rupees 2 crores for village development program. Mr. Harishankar Ram has also participated in Manthan Award 2012 at New Delhi and also certified by Google for Intel Computer Learner. He is mobilizing a number of other village pradhans and representatives for their village development through e-Panchayat initiative.

67 village PRI representatives and community volunteers including teachers, facilitators, motivators and field supervisors has enhanced their capacity through PRC and mobilizing huge number of SHG members, school children and youth for their related activities.

A number of Self Help Group women members has visited PRC to know about various income generation activities and other certified program from various institutions

10 person including 2 PRI representative has participated in Manthan Award 2012 and benefited through various events are closely associated with PRC at Varanasi(photograph enclosed)

6 information center spread in 3 blocks of Varanasi district is mobilizing nearly 2764 persons are benefited through various govt. schemes like old age pension, house scheme, widow pension, health related benefits, education schemes, scholarship program, scholarship for minority, agriculture and related livelihood schemes, skill training schemes and they are directly associated with the PRC.

 32 person from various educational institutions from India and abroad has interacted with the organization and interested to know the activities of PRC and linkage with community.


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